Saturday, May 25, 2013

On Saying Goodbye

Last night, my school said a joyful, tearful, hopeful, beautiful goodbye to the Class of 2013. Despite the persistent threat of rain all week, the one two three trains that interrupted the ceremony, and the crazy wind, it turned out to be a lovely (albeit cold) evening.  

Some of my favorite pictures from the night:

Graduation ceremonies have always made me a bit sad.  I know, I know-- they're supposed to be exciting; they're celebrations.  I understand that.  I do.  But they're also goodbyes, and I've never liked saying goodbye.  I sobbed at my own high school graduation, and I was dry-eyed but broken-hearted when I graduated from college.  

I have been weepy all week, because this graduating class is the first class I ever taught.  Four years ago, they were round-faced, short, giggly little things.  They were children.  Today, they're adults.  It's amazing how quickly that can happen.  Their senior slide show, complete with an awesome drama PSA on "Senioritis," made me laugh and cry, often simultaneously.  (Seriously, watch that PSA-- hilarious!) I'm so proud of them, but I'm also more than a little sad to see them go.  As teachers, we attach ourselves to "our kids" in so many ways-- we laugh with them, celebrate their victories, support them, feed them, hurt with them in the bad times.  It's a proud moment, seeing them in caps and gowns, but it also tugs at the heart.  

There are lots of complaints in the world of education that we aren't paid enough, respected enough, trusted enough, etc. etc.  And those are valid issues that need addressing.  But I can tell you one way we do have enough-- we have a job that will never cease to be fulfilling.  We're molding lives here, people.

I did, as expected, shed a few tears last night.  But I really did cry proud, happy, thrilled tears.   

Now to gain lots of new Facebook friends! ;)

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