Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Prevent Teacher Burn-Out-- The Summer To-Do List

School's out for the summer!  To celebrate, I'm going to kick off summer break by sharing my to-do list for summer 2013.  No, this isn't my list of the pages I plan to read and lessons I plan to revamp to prepare for next school year.  This is my fun list.  My I-owe-it-to-myself-after-that-crazy-year list.  My list of things to do simply because I will be a happier, better person for having done them.  

Summer Fun:

1. Read through all the novels in my Amazon wishlist.  Some of the ones I'm most looking forward to:

2. Spend some quality pool/lake time with my best girlfriends and my kids.

3. Catch up on my guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette.

4. Finally get to work on some fun Pinterest projects.  What's on the top of that list?  Sewing DIY curtains, painting a bright red front door, and finally organizing my house.

5. Plan (and go on) some fabulous weekend or day trips with my husband . . . since I never quite have the money for a beach trip with the girls.  Here are a few of our planned short trips for this year:

Of course, there's also an extensive list of real to-do's this summer . . . but all work and no play makes M a dull girl.  What fun are you getting into this summer?

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