Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midweek Confessions Link-Up: What I Haven't Done This Week

Hey there!  To break me out of this rainy day funk I'm in, I just had to link up with one of my favorite blogs, E, Myself, and I, for Midweek Confessions.  

My confessions come more as things I haven't done-- because there are quite a few.

What I Haven't Done This Week:
1. cleaned my house
2. cooked any decent meals
3. read the 514,354 "teacher books" on my summer list
4. written any questions for my academic team
5. made any lesson plans
6. responded to most emails
7. written any blog posts (until now)
8. mailed off important paperwork or bills

What I Have Done:
1. watched guilty-pleasure tv
2. pinned lots of things on Pinterest, without actually doing any
3. read lots of blogs, a stack of pointless magazines, and a novel

Obviously, my not-done list is much bigger than my done list.  I'm a little ashamed, and more than a little thrilled that it's July and I can get by with this.  Productivity resumes . . . now!

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