Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to Blogging

I'm back!  

It's been ten months since my last post, and life has changed rather dramatically for me in that time.  As you may know, my last post announced my pregnancy to the world.  I was in the throes of first-trimester exhaustion and morning sickness, and pretty frightened (although, of course, supremely excited) about the prospect of the changes ahead of me.  I convinced myself there was simply no time for blogging, and I called it quits.  From time to time, though, I missed it.

Then my precious boy, Carter Ellis, arrived at a whopping 5lb 9oz, three weeks early on May 23, and the whirlwind that I called summer began:

Again, I thought about my blog.  I wanted to share him with the world-- but my blog is about teaching, not family.  So I put it off.  Then colic hit like a hurricane, and for six weeks there was no time for breathing, let alone blogging.  

Colic eventually passed, and I went back to work at the start of the school year as planned.  Carter was ten weeks old and I was fresh out of gallbladder surgery, and again-- I thought, "There's no way."

Now, though, I seem to be finally hitting my stride.  Carter is a happy, healthy 3 1/2 month-old who loves to blow raspberries, read books, and "talk":

and I'm adapting to this working mom thing pretty well.  I have kept up with some blog friends since I've been gone, but I sort of missed this sounding board for my thoughts about the classroom.  So here I am.

I think I originally put so much pressure on myself to blog regularly, and that's what caused me to take such a long break.  But, get this . . . there are no blog police.  No professor to demand my essay by midnight.  No rules.  I can blog when I have the time and something to say, but this isn't a job.  Why did I make it so hard on myself?  

The purpose of M*Print is still what it's always been-- to share ideas about my work as a high school teacher.  Carter will remain separate from that for the most part, but of course, my two lives do tend to cross.  With that in mind, I'm working on a piece about breastfeeding / pumping at work.  Look for that in the days ahead-- and with that in mind, 

it's good to be back.

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