Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homecoming Week: Teacher/Student Bonding

This two-week blogging hiatus is brought to you by what Love, Teach affectionately calls DEVOLSON-- the Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October, and November.  Man, am I tired.  But aren't we all?  The good news is I'm back, and although it's a bit belated, I've got some fun pictures!

If you're a high school teacher, you get to experience Homecoming Week.  You can look at it one of two ways: 

1. It'stheworstweekevermykidsarecrazy ohmyGodhowwillIgetthroughthis?!

2.  What fun!  This is the perfect chance to get to know, and bond with, my students.

I choose Option 2.  Because really, who wants to just be frazzled for a week?  And secondly, who doesn't want to wear fun costumes to work?

I have to say, I didn't come to this realization on my own.  I work with a highly involved, incredibly fun faculty who participate with gusto every year.  A large group of my teacher-friends and I coordinate fun costumes according to the week's scheduled dress-up days, and our pictures are simply fabulous.  Check out this year's pics:

Monday: Camo Day

Clearly, we are Duck Dynasty.

Tuesday: Twin Day

Can you tell whose mustache is fo' real?  We all "honored" our principal, who is retiring after this year.

Wednesday: Retro Day

How much do you love our decade-based digs?  My flapper had to wear a sweater to be school appropriate, but I still think we're darned cute.

Thursday: Favorite Sports Team Day

The perfect excuse to wear jeans to school!

Friday: Big Orange/Black Day

This has become an annual tradition: we wear the uniforms of our senior football captains.

In past years, we've also been Ms. Pac Man and her ghosts (Video Game Day), the Ninja Turtles (Superhero Day), and lots of other fun things.  Not only do the kids love seeing what crazy thing we'll be doing each day, but we love doing it.  If we can't occasionally be kids, how are we supposed to teach them?  

My school also holds a carnival each Homecoming Week, where we get to talk, play games, eat pizza, and dance with our kids.  I have learned many new line dances over the years, and most importantly, I've formed lasting relationships with my young'uns.  If you have a Homecoming Week, by all means, please jump in headfirst!

I'm hosting another Better Together linky in a few weeks, so start planning your post to link up-- our theme will fit this blog: Fun in the Classroom.  What do you do to engage with your students in fun?

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