Friday, August 30, 2013

Managing IEP and 504 Accommodations

Keeping up with IEP and 504 Plan accommodations for 10 students can be challenging.  It's easy to forget things, or to confuse one kid's needs with those of another.  I struggled with all of that, until I started using this system to keep track.

It's pretty simple, really-- I just write the students' names in the left-hand column, then check off any accommodations they need.  (I left some spaces blank to the right in case I encounter any new or unusual accommodations.)  I make a few copies-- one goes in my planning book, one goes inside my desk drawer, and one goes in my Sub Tub.  Then it's just a quick glance to remind myself who needs copies of notes, who gets tests read aloud, etc.

Note- it's also helpful for me to jot the initials of the student's case manager next to their name.  

You can download my chart for yourself here!
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