Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Mash-Up: From Apostrophes to Bayside High

Busy week, everybody!  Open House today, one more glorious lunch out with my teacher-friends work day, and then it's ON.  The kids return Wednesday-- so let's celebrate with my favorite blog postings of the week.

1. "Keeper of the Knowledge" from Erika at Something Beautiful
I love this blog.  Erika's not a teacher, but man, is she hilarious!  I have to include this one because of her side-splitting rant about the erroneous use of apostrophes in plural words.  Preach it, sister!  The English teachers of the world are behind you.

2. "The truth about homework in schools" from Life of an Educator by Justin Tarte
Disclaimer-- I am not sharing this one because I agree with everything Justin says.  I am sharing because, as a teacher who believes in homework, I do think we need to more carefully consider the purposes of our assignments.  Take a look at the comments for thought-provoking, intelligent, respectful conversation among educators.

3. "Schools Need More Zach Morris and Less Jessie Spano" from The Nerdy Teacher
A vlog, this one is an ode to the students who aren't perfect.  Sadly, there are those in the world who'd rather just teach student-council member honor students and forget the rest.  Where's the fun in that?  As a student, I was a Jessie Spano-- but some of my favorites people are Zach Morrises.(Major bonus points for connecting it all to my favorite childhood tv show!)

4. "Five Pesky Classroom Behaviors I Don't Allow" by Ariel Sacks at the Center for Teaching Quality
Ariel provides a list of unspoken rules she keeps in her classroom, and a great explanation for each one.  As I read, I was thinking about my own "not-allowed pesky behaviors."  I think my biggest pesky behavior pet-peeve is desk-tipping.  

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