Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Mash-Up: From Mommy Guilt to Bear-Maulings

Welcome to my first-ever Monday Mash-Up!  I read so many words of wisdom from other bloggers, and it's time I started sharing.  Soooo- starting now, every Monday I'll share my favorites of the week, in what I'm calling the Monday Mash-Up.

Some of my favorites from last week:

It's back-to-school time, which means a lot of stress for every teacher. In "Mommy Guilt," Ms. Understood deals with a special kind of stress-- the heartbreak a teacher-mom feels when it's time to go back to school and leave her little one at home. 

2- "Why Teaching Is So Doggone Hard," from Enjoying the Journey, is something I stumbled across on Facebook, and I'm glad I did! We've all had those people (even those who love us) who can't understand the workload involved in education.  Jennie explains perfectly why it's so frustrating when people just don't get it-- and why we're in this anyway.

My county starts the usual round of pre-school professional development activities tomorrow, and we all know that those sessions are sometimes fantastic and sometimes, well . . . not-so-much.  Here's a laugh to get you through it: "If I ran professional development," from Love, Teach.  {And lunch girls?  No more pulling hair and kicking.  Where can we find a bear?}  ;)

I don't care what you say about yours, my school has the best office staff in the entire world.  Really.  Our two ladies traverse the battlefield that is a high school office without ever breaking a sweat, and do it all with a big smile on their faces.  And a bottomless bowl of desk-candy for the teachers.  This post, "Hangin' in the Office," from Hangin' with Hekken, reminded me to say thanks.
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